"Fashion on location" is a set of 8 custom lightroom presets for mobile which will help you give your photos a consistent look with one click.
Great for your instagram feed, whether you are a photographer, a blogger, an influencer, or for your everyday photos and personal use.
The zip file includes 8 .dng files.
* You can check the before & after photos below to see every one of them (click on each photo to see a larger preview)
1. Contrasty - 2. Golden Crops - 3. Dreamy - 4. Moody Grain - 5. Warm Shadows - 6. pop IT up - 7. balance and 8. Forest
The .dng files work in Lightroom Mobile App iOS and Android (keep in mind that mobile lightroom is a free app that works with or without a subscription). --> How to install: All you need is a computer to unzip your files, or unzip them on your phone. You also need to download on your device the free Lightroom app. Need more help? Find detailed info here
Remember that the presets will look different on each photo depending on lighting used, location, time of day etc so you might have to adjust the settings and tweak them a little bit to fit your personal taste.

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